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E-SERIES TOP AND SIDE ENTRY MIXERS The Sharpe E-Series worm gear drive meets low headroom requirements without sacrificing performance. Efficient “high pressure angle” gearing provides extremely quiet operation and high shock-load capacity. The hollow quill gearbox design uses oversize tapered roller bearings for long overhung shafts, and requires no flange coupling for assembly.

Compact Right Angle Drive:

• Heat and shock loading is isolated between the motor and gearbox

• Drive housing is corrosion resistant cast iron

• Wetted parts are SS316 standard

• Carbon steel, exotic alloys, or coatings are also available


Various Shaft Seals:

• Choose among vapor lip seals, low and high pressure stuffing glands, and many mechanical seal designs

• Side entry units include a tank shut-off system to repack the gland or change the mechanical seal without draining the tank

• Premium mechanical seal design includes a radial load bearing integral to the seal housing to limit shaft vibration and extend seal life (split seals are also available)

• Seal lubricators are optional, mounted, plumbed, and tested at our factory for trouble-free start-up at your plant


Large Impeller Selection:

• Many different types of impellers are available, including axial flow, radial flow, and Sharpe’s exclusive energy efficient Hyflo impellers

• Small diameter impellers are normally furnished in a sturdy, one-piece construction

• Exclusive split-hub design for larger applications, allows infinite position adjustment on the shaft, and guarantees easy removal even after years of service

Oversize Timkin tapered roller bearings
handle heavy mixer loads and are
designed for over 100,000 L-10 hours
bearing life.


Combining decades of industry experience with dedicated experts and cutting-edge technology, Hayward Gordon and Sharpe Mixers design, develop, and deliver high-quality mixers for the most challenging challenges in the world’s most demanding industries.

Hayward Gordon and Sharpe Mixers supply heavy-duty mixers that provide the necessary pumping and shearing that is required to meet your process requirements.

Depending on your application and process requirements, our mixers can be manufactured to high 3A standards for your food, beverage, or pharmaceutical applications.

Hayward Gordon and Sharpe Mixers can provide the best mixer for your exact specifications and requirements.

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