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We offer analysis, planning & design, start up and maintenance

- Solutions for the biogas treatment

- Waste recovery


Your partner for efficient biogas treatment

Energy & Waste is an environmental engineering firm that specializes in processes for the treatment and recovery of biogas, as well as energy generation from solid, liquid and gaseous waste.

The company was founded in 2000 and has carried out numerous projects in Europe and America.

Energy & Waste is a company driven by technological research, development and innovation (RDI), as the basis for offering the most efficient solution to each client, so that it can optimize its environmental and financial results


Biogas Cleaning

- Siloxane and hydrocarbon removal

- Water vapour removal 

- H2S and NH3 removal

- Temperature reduction


Biogas Drying

- Removing water vapour from biogas

- Partial reduction og D-type siloxanes

- Partial reduction og H2S, NH3 adn hydrocarbons

- Reduced gas temperature and relative


Biogas upgrading solution

- Biogas cleaning

- CO2 Removal /biomethane

- Solvent recovery

- Drying gas /biomethane


Download the Complete cathalog for: 

- Bio Cleaning

- Biogas Drying

- Biogas upgrading solution




Most industries continue to send their waste to waste managers, either treating it beforehand to reduce the waste amount, or storing and sending it directly.

However, many industries have started to recover their wastes in the past years, since the results are more efficient from environmental and economical perspectives.

Condorchem Envitech offers solutions for waste and resources recovery from liquid wastes from production processes.

The recovery can be material or energy. Material recovery consists of the use of waste as a raw material for another process. Energy recovery is another path to benefit from wastes, using the waste to obtain renewable energy whilst solving an environmental problem.

The main solutions offered by Condorchem Envitech are:

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