• MIDA:

– Up to 22KW

– Integrated Power Factor Correction (PF 1) to meet EN61000-3-2 only for single-phase input models

– Integrated voltage amplifier only for single-phase models, this makes it possible to increase the output voltage at 230V even if there is a voltage drop in the input

– Waterproof ventilation integrated for improved cooling operation

– Perfect for compact installations on the motor junction box (eg horizontal pumps), therefore more indicated for the OEM market

– Programming and setup only through the Nastec NOW App

– For MIDA size 2 (all models between Mida 209 to 218 and from Mida 414 to Mida 444) wiring and power section replacement is faster because the power head can be easily replaced

– Only MIDA 209,212 and 218 have a built-in output filter for cable lengths up to 300 meters

– It is no longer necessary to use an external capacitor to start single phase motors when using MIDA single phase models matched with either EN PHASE 3 WIRES PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor) or EN PHASE 3 WIRE CSCR (Capacitor Start – Capacitor Run), this important feature allows to start the motor in a “capacitorless” mode because the boost circuit of the frequency converter will simulate the operation of the capacitor.

– All Input Single-phase models (between Mida 203 to 218) are capable of fully controlling all single-phase motors available on the market (SINGLE-PHASE 3 WIRES PSC, 3 WIRES CSCR, 3 WIRES CSIR, 2 WIRES SPLIT PHASE/ RSIR)

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