NORDITEC tilbyr fatpumper i forkjelligE design og utførelser.

Krav og væsker i markedet kan ikke være mer forskjellige. Store mengder, høyt trykk, tyktflytende væsker, kjemisk bestandighet og mange flere egenskaper utgjør en rekke utfordringer for fatpumpen.

Fatpumper kommer i forskjellige utførelser og design, bærbare enheter håndterer korrosive væsker. Løpehjulet i pumpen gjør at vi får en konstant gjennomstrømning.

Pumpene kan leveres også med  el-motor.

Fatpumper kan leveres i froskjellige design og utførelser.

– Elektrisk

– Pneumatisk

– Batteridrevet


– Industri

– Lab

Pumpe modeller:

  • Elektriskdrevet: TRA, TRF, TRP

  • Pneumatisk motor: TRA, TRF, TRP

Kapasiteter: Opp til 150 l/min

Drum pump set with electric motor for highly concentrated acids and alkalis

JP-280 PVDF Universal motor 230 or 115 V, 50/60 Hz, 825 W, splash protection to IP 24, double insulated class II, low-voltage circuit breaker, 5 m cable with plug.

Pump hose:

PVDF outer-Ø 41 mm, HC shaft 2.4610,-

Connecting thread G 11/4″ Hose connection 1″

(DN 25)

2 m multipurpose chemical hose 1″ (DN 25)

2 stainless steel hose clamps 1 nozzle PVDF


The JP-700 SR with PTFE stator and a special ATEX mechanical seal has type examination certificate II 1/2 G c IIA T4 and can be used for flammable liquids and in explosive environments.
DIESEL PUMP Protank 50
for replenishment of agricultural machinery, tractors, excavators, caterpillar, trucks, etc.; The pumps are not suitable for other media and therefore not for oils, gasoline or water.
Protank 50, non-self-priming pumps for hazardous class A III diesel and fuel oil in 230 V, 12 V or 24 V, IP55
• Pump: Vane pump self-priming with bypass valve.
• Construction: Rugged design that fulfills the most difficult tasks.
• Viscosity: medium/high.
• Siphon protection: Permanently effective, according to two laws.
• Delivery head: up to 6 m, up to 2 m self-priming.
• Motor protection: Overload protection of a thermal circuit breaker, self-reset.
• Action: The discharge hose can be easily disassembled from the pump.
• Material: Pump housing and cast iron impeller.
• Suction hose: Length 1.6 m, 1″, with strainer.
• Outlet hose: Length 4 m, 1″
• Nozzle: Standard nozzle or automatic nozzle included in kit.
• Flow meter: Mechanical flow meter as option depending on version, see program.
• Package: Non-returnable package


The mobile system can be used to filter and pump particles and foreign objects from various chemicals and dyes.

The filter bag housing has a side entrance and an output at the bottom, each with a 2 inch internal thread and can be operated with up to 10 bar air pressure. The maximum volume flow is limited to a maximum of 23 m³/h.

The mobile unit consists of an air-operated double diaphragm pump and a 32-inch metal filter system made of stainless steel with a metal inner basket and 40 micron filter bags.

The membranes, seals and materials used in the diaphragm pump can be adapted specifically to the requirements of the medium to be pumped. The choice of suitable filters is as possible as the replacement of the filter housing. This enables optimal equipment for almost all applications (e.g. also in the food and chemical industries). The transport trolley can also be equipped with the desired material for this purpose.

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