SLUDGE TREATMENT Xsplit - Dewatering screw press

– Up to TS 40 % dry matter content
- We offer pilot test units!!
The XSplit® separator from Vogelsang combines is well-proven and tested system, screw press separator with
a completely new design, which results in unique functions and many user benefits.
A sealing disc made of high-quality elastomer in the pressing area allows XSplit to achieve a dry substance
content of up to 40 percent – ​​which makes it superior to other pressure screw separators. The disc ensures optimal resistance
to the pressure applied by the press screw and together with the press screw, ensures smooth and reliable plugging
formation without additional aids – with almost zero initial leakage. A number of strainer variants that suit different media
and consistencies are available, guaranteeing extremely reliable separation results.

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Xsplit dewatering screw press-no

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