Capacity: : 0.48 – 350 m³ /h
Max pressure: 8-20 bar
Temperature: 200 – 180 °C
Speed-n: 20 – 1750 rev/min
Viscosity: 100 – 250,000 SSU

Number of pump models: 19 units, 0045 -31 l/rev


The pump is supplied on the "gear-in-a-gear" principle and has only two moving parts.

It is the secret behind reliable and efficient operation of all positive displacement pumps. The positive displacement of liquid is achieved by completely filling the spaces between the rotor teeth and the space between the gear. The only limiting factor for peak performance with these pumps, as with all rotary pumps, is that the fluid being pumped must be relatively clean.


With each revolution of the pump shaft, a certain amount of liquid enters the pump through the suction part at the inlet. The incoming liquid fills the spaces between the rotor and the free space. The crescent on the pump head divides the flow of liquid as it moves smoothly towards the outlet. The idler gear, which carries the fluid between the teeth and the inner surface of the crescent, is connected to the pump housing. On the other hand, rotor equipment that is rotated directly with the pump shaft supplies liquid between the gear and the crescent.

The V series of internal gear pumps from Varisco are suitable for pumping liquids of any viscosity. Dry substances cannot be handled, but the pumps can handle abrasive particles.

The wide range of applications includes:

Chemicals: solvents, acids, bases, alcohols, drugs, isocyanate, polyol, sodium silicate
Petroleum products: petrol, diesel, fuel oil, lubricating oil, additives, crude oil
Soap and detergents: surfactants, liquid detergents
Adhesives: glues, epoxy resins
Paint and ink: varnish, ink
High temperature fluids: bitumen, tar, asphalt, heat transfer fluids.
Food items: molasses, chocolate, cocoa butter, glucose, animal feed, vegetable oils, fat.

Material selection:

Pump housing, covers: Cast iron, spheroidal cast iron, cast steel, AISI 304/316 CrNi stainless steel

Gears: Cast iron, cast steel, AISI 304/316 CrNi stainless steel
Bearing: Snbz 12 bronze, carbon graphite, silicon carbide, hard metal coated steel, bearing
Seals: Soft seal or packing, rotatherm seal, lip seal, mechanical seal, mechanical seal

V 100-2 SPHTR
with integral
heating jacket
V 100-2 SPHTR


Monoblock gear pumps

Capacity: : 2 – 70 L /Min
Max pressure: 12 bar

B Pumps mounted on ski frame

Capacity: : 5 – 800 L /Min
Max pressure: 12 bar

BC Pump mounted on ski frame

Capacity: : 5 – 400 L /Min
Max pressure: 12 bar

Viscosity: 1-100cSt

low viscosity gear pumps

Capacity: : 5 – 80 L /Min
Max pressure: 25 bar

Viscosity: 1-1000 cSt

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