IN-LINE water analysis instruments

IN-LINE water analysis instruments

– For drinking water, sewage and process.
- Can be measured up to 8 points
– Water; Aluminium, free and total chlorine, iron, total P, magnesium, lead and many more
- We offer measurement of up to 35 parameters.

Areas of use:

Drinking water

The quality of the drinking water is measured at different stages: at the entrance to the treatment plant, during the treatment process, at the exit from the treatment plant and the entire distribution network.

Storm water

Whether in the form of monitoring stations or mobile laboratories (fixed or mobile stations), environments play a role in the protection of surface water, spring water, rivers and groundwater. The goal is to achieve real-time measures of surface water pollution to protect drinking water at its source if necessary. 

Waste water

Automatic analysis of waste water requires extensive knowledge of emissions. For over 80 years, SPX FLOW has developed various systems, today In-line sample preparation is offered, for example paper filtration, tangential filtration or sample intake.

Process water

The automatic analyzer is the only one that meets the requirements for real-time measurements, adapted to industrial processes. Monitoring of process water quality, such as cooling water, is standard. However, each industrial process has its own characteristics.

Sea water

Prevention of pollution of seawater by hydrocarbon waste:

Water in industry / Water works / Treatment plants

Parameters measured:

Aluminum, ammonium, bromine, free chlorine, chlorides, chromium, color, copper, cyanides, iron, fluorine, manganese, morpholine, nickel, nitrite, phenols, phosphates, silica, sulfates, sulfites, total alkalinity, total hardness, TA / TAC , Zinc


More analysis methods:

Analyzer properties

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