Pump with higher performance for continuous operation

– Industrial processes

■ Stroke length: 15 mm
■ Stroke length adjustment range: 0 – 100 %
■ Stroke adjustment: manual with self-locking turntable in steps of 0.2 % (optionally with
electric actuator or steering drive)
■ Measurement reproducibility is better than ± 1 % within the 10-100 % stroke volume adjustment range
under certain defined conditions and with correct installation
■ Wet materials: Stainless steel 1.4571/1.4404, special materials are available on request
■ High performance oxide ceramic piston
■ A wide range of powerful versions are available: Three-phase standard motor, 1-phase AC motor,
motors for use in areas subject to explosion and different flange designs for use in customer specific
■ Degree of protection IP 55
■ Very rigid fiberglass reinforced plastic housing with excellent chemical resistance
■ Provide suitable overload protection in all piston dosing pumps during installation for safety reasons



Capacity: : 0-940 l/h
Max pressure: 0.7-940 bar
– High suction capacity
– High dosing precision
– Stroke regulation with minimal flow pulsation
– Robust mechanism for continuous work

– Regulation: 0-100 % 

- Dosing and mixing can be done in powder or in liquid Batch-wise


High accuracy: linearity ± 1%, repeatability ± 3%, stable accuracy ± 1%



Chemistry, agriculture, petrochemical industry, water treatment, solvent, oils, alkalis, dye, resin, polymers, plastics, adhesives and cleaning agent. 


– Can handle high viscosity (55,000 cps) and chemicals 



Cylinder: AISI 316 L.
Piston: AISI 316 L.
Sealing: Packing seals / Aramid graphite / PTFE
Valve (body): AISI 316 L.
Valve (ball): AISI 316
Block: Gray cast iron

Piston dosing pump Sigma/2

Plunger Metering pump /2





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