Multistage pump

Single-stage pump model

These powerful cost effective pumps utilize the extended rotor, stator geometry resulting in lower friction rates ideal for various applications. Selected pump sizes are available with 6 stages and 8 stages. Alternatives also available with different material qualities and shaft seal.

– Capacity: Up to 500 m3/h
– Working pressure: 6 bar
– Models: 8

Multistage pump

Multistage pump model

These heavy-duty pumps are designed for continuous or intermittent operation and are suited to operate efficiently for even the most difficult fluid handling applications in various industries.

– Capacity: Up to 250 m3/h
– Working pressure: 48 bar


Bio Mix Pump Range

Roto Biomix pumps have been integrated into the process of generating renewable energy and are constantly being upgraded and optimized to meet customer needs. These pumps are used to mix and transfer solid biowaste and digestate to the fermentation tank. Customized funnel available in round and rectangular shape up to 3 meters long.

Bio Mix pumps have a compact bearing frame, the main advantage lies in the low life-cycle costs

Viscosity: 1cPs – 3,000,000 cPs

– Capacity: Up to 55 m3/h
– Working pressure: — bar

Food industry – DM Series

These heavy-duty semi-hygienic pumps are designed to handle applications in the food and beverage industry. All metal parts in contact with the medium to be handled are made of stainless steel with a smooth finish. These pumps have an aseptic food grade stator bonded to oil and grease resistant metal. These pumps are standard with closed universal joints which enable them to handle liquids with low lubricity such as aerated or dematerialized water

– Capacity: Up to 86 m3/h
– Working pressure: 24 bar


Hopper inlets allow gravity flow of highly viscous (plastic – viscous) material onto the connecting rod pushing the material to the pump element. Wide Throat Pumps with double paddle bridge switch arrangement on top are designed to handle extremely difficult media with very high solids content and non-flowing properties.

Available in close-coupled and bare-axle configurations. Specially designed funnels are also available as required. A variety of construction materials and shaft seal options are also available

Pump work

Standard funnel and oversized funnel

– Capacity: Up to 200 m3/h
– Working pressure: 36 bar



Built on the Maintenance in Place (MIP) platform, Roto KWIK Pumps are specially designed and engineered to provide easy maintenance with minimal service time while saving on total maintenance costs

– Capacity: Up to 340 m3/h
– Working pressure: 24 bar
– Viscosity: Up to 30,000 cSt
– Dry matter content: 7 %

Cardan Joint - Xtra Value Universal Cardan Joint

The Cardan-type UJ joint uses two sets of perpendicular pins, each providing freedom of angular movement, facilitating smoother transmission of angular loads.
It also withstands higher axial loads.

Robust cardan joint

Dosing pumps RJ Series

– Capacity: Up to 500 lph
– Working pressure: 24 bar

Eccentric screw pumps – Offered in many different designs and linings
handling various tasks, from dosing pumps to
handling difficult media.

Technical – The pumps are supplied in several articulated shaft variants, enclosed
mechanical shaft seal, single or double. Robust storage trestle.
Robust jointed shaft - Cardan joints. Different stators. Stator for
optimal filling of liquids.

The pumps are supplied in different material types stainless steel 304,
acid-resistant steel 316 or Duplex for saline liquids.
Advantages – The feeding box comes in different sizes, the pumps
delivered in a frame or mobile. Handles abrasive and fibrous
Media. Installation of wear plates in plastic or metal.
The area of application – from small particles to complicated abrasive media,
Tough liquid media. Viscous media, from fibrous to solid
particles in the medium.

- Slaughterhouses
- Fish waste
– Food industry
– Chemical industry
- Agriculture

Pump connections:
• The pumps can be connected in series
• Pump design can be used in both horizontal and vertical operation


– Nitrile Black – Nitrile White – EPDM Black – EPDM White - Fluoroelastomer

– Acid-resistant steel SS 316

– Acid-resistant steel SS 316

– Acid-resistant SS 316

– Duplex – Super duplex – Alloy 20



Single and multi-stage vertical pumps

Roto vertical pumps are designed to operate with the pump elements submerged in the medium. These pumps are specially designed to vary the column length to suit sump depth. The strainer can be fixed in the suction port to prevent large solids from entering the pump. Pumps are only available in close-coupled configurations with different construction materials and shaft seal options. These pumps are compact and space-saving.

​Media: Sticky, abrasive, viscous, complicated media.

​Advantages: Pumped gently without any impact on the structure.

– High precision at low rpm

- Self-priming pump, which means that the pump offers good properties

- Very good operational reliability

– Normal low pulsation at pressure difference, capacity and dry matter content


– Capacity: Up to 500 m3/h

– Working pressure: 12 bar



Horizontal internally stored Twin Screw Pumps are chosen where the fluids are clean and have lubricating properties. These pumps are designed with internal bearings that are lubricated by the pump medium itself. The suction and discharge ports are in-line.

The mechanical seals are supplied as standard scope of delivery. Gland packing option can also be offered as per application requirements. These pumps are equipped with relief valves and are suitable for 100 % bypasses. These pumps are also available in standard foot-mounted configuration with sump heating as an option.

Characteristics and benefits:

Standard API676

Long and trouble-free service life due to the absence of metal-to-metal contact between the pump elements. It can even go dry for a limited period of time.
No axial thrust Dual flow of fluid in opposite direction balances axial thrust.
Higher volumetric efficiency due to special double profile of screw flanks.
High cavitation-free suction lift due to low NPSH (R).
Broader compliance with API 676, 2nd edition.
Self-priming and capable of handling trapped air/vapour/gas due to positive displacement action and is inherently self-priming.
Uniform Metered Flow Being a positive displacement pump, head is independent of speed and capacity is approximately proportional to speed.
Capable of handling a wide range of fluids, lubricating/non-lubricating as well as aggressive fluids can be handled due to the choice of different designs and materials of construction.
Safe to operate has built in relief valve, designed to bypass up to 100 % capacity.


– Screw profile

– Robust pump housing

– Various types of mechanical seals API 682

– Spherical ball bearing

– Synchronized gearbox

– Replacement of wearing parts

– Built-in safety valve


– Capacity: Up to 1000m3/h

– Working pressure: Up to 40bar

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