Capacity range 1.5 – 12 l / h, 4 – 2 bar
The hose pump DULCO®flex DF4a for dosing flocculants and active graphite treats the water precisely and with precision. It is perfectly suited for use in swimming pools, hot tubs and wellness facilities. Operating pressure up to 4 bar possible

Peristaltic dosing pump

Flow rate between 6 ml/h and up to 65 l/h at up to 7 bar back pressure
Norditec offers NORD DMS Control doses gasifying, viscous, abrasive or shear-sensitive media and sets new standards when it comes to dosing. This hose pump guarantees a linear and repeatable dosing (± 2%) under all process conditions. Hose replacement is easy.

Chap. 6 ml – 65 l/h

Working pressure: Up to 9 mvs


Can preset dispensing volume, dispensing time, pause time, copy number and suction angle. Dynamic display of work status, dispensing data, setting parameters and system configuration in the same screen. Intelligent calibration functions

The pipe clamp's coupling mechanism makes it more convenient to
install the pipe.
The friction wheel adjustment mechanism can easily fix different
size pipe.

Cap.: 0000166 – 2280 mL/min

M6-12L Basic peristaltic pump

Flow rate: 0.69-12000 mL/min

Mechanical keyboard control start/stop, direction, time test and selection of external control.
Rotary coded knob controls the speed or fast filling, easy to operate

Application: Industrial production, pilot tests, fluid transfer

Lab Q Compact peristaltic pump

Flow rate: 0.0033-326.55 mL/min

Digital rotary knob is convenient for speed control and easy to operate.
Various external control functions, support 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA analog signals control speed.
Turn off memory function, save parameters in time, safe and reliable.

EXP Explosion-proof peristaltic pump

Flow rate: 0.0033-326.55 mL/min

Stepless speed regulation, speed adjustable manually.
High performance, stable flow rate, high torque and low noise, suitable for various pump heads and hoses.
Can run for a long time continuously, easy for maintenance


Flow rate: 0.0033- 65.17 mL/min

Customized multi-channel peristaltic pump, up to 48 channels. Contact us for customization.

The area of use
Ink cartridge filling
Spray painting machine


Designed as needed

​​Using the three-coordinate mechanical arm form, you can edit the operation track of the manipulator arm according to the container and the amount of the non-specification. Implement fast automatic liquid separation

The area of use

industrial application of biological reagent, small microporous plate liquid filling, automatic equipment and so on


NORDITEC - Refill nozzle

Model no.: Filling nozzle
Category: Accessories
FlowRate: According to customers' request
Product features
The outlet end is closed, which can effectively prevent liquid splash.
Reducing filling nozzle can effectively prevent liquid drop.
Made of 316 stainless steel, anti-rust, strong corrosion resistance, high degree of hygiene.
Industry application
Just insert the connector into the hose until it is tight (if the flow rate is high, it can be used with the strip)

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