Product information: “Regenerative turbine pump CY-5091”
These non-self-priming regenerative turbine pumps are characterized by high pressure at low flow rates and a compact design. They can be used in circuits for fluids that do not contain solids, for example in refrigeration circuits or in temperature control units, among others.

Area of application:

– Medical applications: Disinfection, water, laser cooling

– Welding machinery: Cooling of guns

– Temperature control: Process

– Railway wagons: fuel supply

– Aircraft equipment (Eurospace): fuel supply

– Automotive industry: Laser cooling, cooling, boiler, washing

– Drink dispensers

Regenerative turbine pump NPY-2051-S
Motor output in kW (P2): 0.75 – 1.00
Total head H im WSmax. 65

Flow rate Q il/min
max. 35
Regenerative turbine pump GY 028-1/2/3
Total head H im WS : max. 162
Motor output in kW (P2): 0.55 – 1.50
Flow rate Q il/min: max. 40
Regenerative turbine pump LNY/LSY-2841
Total head H in mVs: max. 38
Motor output in kW (P2): 0.12
Flow rate Q il/min max. 14

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