Actuator SA and SAR

Actuator type SA for open-close operation and positioning operation is classified for class A and B or operating types S2 - 15 min. A special version for longer operation is available for S2 - 30 min operation

Torque from 10 Nm to 32,000 Nm
Output speeds from 4 to 180 rpm
Limit and torque sensing
Available with 3-ph AC, 1-ph AC and DC motors
Handwheel for manual operation

SAV and SARV variable speed actuators

With SAV .2 multi-turn actuators for open and closed operation and SARV .2 for modulating operation combined with ACV .2 actuator controls, the proven AUMA SA/SAR range is enhanced with variable speed models. AUMA is a market leader in technology and offers a wide speed control ratio of 1:10.

Torque range from 10 Nm to 1000 Nm
Output speeds from 6 to 240 rpm
Torque and limit sensing o Available with 3-phase AC motors
Handwheel for manual operation

Actuator with variable speed SEVEN

Using a specially developed frequency converter offers enormous advantages. The most important properties are variation in speed, resistance to voltage and frequency fluctuations, no current peaks during start-up and gentle operation of the valve by reducing the speed in end positions. The robust construction is extremely resistant to environmental influences (standard corrosivity class C5, IP67, double sealed - protection is also ensured during commissioning) and k


One solution for butterfly, ball/plug and globe valves. Compact actuators with intelligent functions as a platform concept for tailor-made automation solutions.
Each PROFOX is equipped with a centrally located LED: FOX-EYE. It provides clearly visible information about both actuator and valve status. The FOX-EYE display scheme can be configured by the user as required.

Explosion-proof actuators PROFOX PF-MX

Explosion-proof devices must be used in facilities where potentially explosive atmospheres are likely to occur. These devices are designed so that they do not act as an ignition source. Their constructive measures prevent the occurrence of ignition sparks or hot surfaces.
Certification is carried out in close collaboration with national and international certification bodies.


TIGRON is a multi-turn actuator with a classic mission:
Automation of sluice valves with or without rising spindle as well as double block and air valves.
Virtually unlimited strokes
Rising stems are fed through the hollow shaft to the multi-turn actuator that drives the stem wire. The stem protection tube protects the stem from contamination and people from injury

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