Screw centrifugal pumps for waste water:

Combination of screw centrifugal and displacement principle, makes this pump unique. Steep pump screw and high efficiency over 80 %.

– Dry-mounted pumps: Valved and horizontal design

– Submersible pumps

– Drowning-proof pumps

Clogging-free – Gentle pumping

For large or dense solids, shear-sensitive liquids and delicate materials. Robust and energy efficient pump, high efficiency above 80%. Low NPSH. Steep inlet conical shape for highly viscous waste liquids. The pump can handle high viscosity and solids content


Wastewater treatment:

– Sludge, wastewater, flocculants

Food processing:

– Live fish, fruit, vegetables


Oil/water separator, crystal slurry, non-Newtonian fluid


-Carbon and resin, solvent extraction

Pump series:

Screw centrifugal pump for solid particles

Horizontal coupled pump / Vertical monobloc

XCS – Screw Centrifugal Pump
High efficiency up to 80%
Nickel- Hard alloy for hard particles

The NOR CH-X Pump has the unique ability to cut large solids combined with an efficient pumping action. the pump is ideal for applications with large solids in waste water, food processing and the pulp and paper industry. This model eliminates the need and expense of installing a separate grinding unit.

Retracted impeller for handling long fibres.

The NOR XR uses a retracted impeller design to create a vortex in front of the impeller. This vortex ensures that up to 80% of solids present in the liquid are discharged without affecting the impeller and the rear part of the housing. The NOR XR pump's unique design provides a unique ability to pump highly abrasive mud while ensuring the pump's lifetime


Retracted impeller

XCS – Screw Centrifugal

CHOPX Series- Chopper pumps

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