Different types of shaft seals

Different types of shaft seals

Large selection of impellers:

Different types of shaft seals

Agitators to be attached to the upper part of the tank. They are suitable for various stirring processes such as mixing, dispersing, dissolving, diluting, emulsifying, homogenizing, flocculating, coagulation, etc. Supplied with direct motor or motor reduction, with existing protection variants and according to current regulations.


Vertical or bottom agitators with spreading heads and diffusers with high shear. These heads allow dispersions/emulsions in products that are difficult to mix. Due to its high shear capacity, a significant product flow is generated, which facilitates rapid incorporation (mixing) of solid components with liquids or liquids with liquids, avoids the formation of lumps and achieves textures of up to 1 micron.

Large selection of impellers:

Bottom stirrer designed for sterilization processes suitable for dispersing, dissolving, homogenizing and mixing the products.

Especially used in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries. The magnetic coupling system (hermetic seal) ensures that the product is completely isolated from the outside, ensuring that there is no possibility of leakage.

Suitable for CIP and SIP cleaning systems, avoiding product contamination.
Easy installation and low maintenance.
Viscosity: 1- 5,000 mPas
Capacity: 5-60,000 L
Engine: Electric
Material and roughness 1.4404 and 1.4436 / Standard Ra < 0.8 µm
Certifications: FDA, EHEDG, CE, EG 1935,3.1


Agitators for side entry or via the bottom of the tank, ideal for product homogenization.

Equipped with an inner tower where the necessary elements are placed (mechanical seals, pressure seals, bearings, etc.), to ensure the airtightness of the product inside the tank.

Equipped with direct drive or geared drive, with existing protection variants and in accordance with current regulatory standards.

Depending on the model, the side insert agitators for large tanks from the hydrocarbon industry have a special mechanical system that allows the mechanical seal to be replaced when the tank is full. Both parallel shaft gear motors and bevel gears can be mounted on these mixers.

Area of use: Chemistry, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food industry, water and sewage

Speed: 30-300 rpm

Motor: 0.12 – 55 kW

Material: AISI 304 L, AISI 316 L, Special alloys (AISI 904-L, 254 SMO, Hastelloy, Duplex, Titanium, Inconel)

Certifications: ATEX, CE, FDA

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