UV system Dulcodes LP
Capacity up to 523 m³ / h
Our unique UV systems Dulcodes LP stand for the water treatment of the future - efficient and chemical-free.

Water is a scarce resource. Experts are therefore required in the field of drinking water recycling. In principle, ProMinent masters all methods for treating and disinfecting drinking water and adapts these based on prevailing conditions. Of course we follow all local regulations. Oxidation, membrane filtration
and desalination makes the water clean and drinkable. In addition, our wide range of disinfection solutions guarantees absolute safety during disinfection. We offer, among other things: chlorine dioxide
, chlorine, gravity filtration, nanofiltration
, desalination, silver dosing, UV disinfection
and ozonation.


Disinfection normally takes place at the last filtration stage before the water ends up in the supply system. And this is where Norditec facilities come in: UV, chlorine dioxide, electrolysis, ultrafiltration or dosing systems turn drinking water into hygienically unobtrusive drinking water.

We are happy to tell you which method is best for you personally. Norditec offers all available technologies and methods.

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