- Removal of particles and sludge in the water - Air dispersion

NORDITEC belongs to an environment and a culture where relationships with customers and end users are established and kept long-term thanks to the efforts, improvements and continuous service.

NORDITEC equipment is designed with the most advanced technology, but also takes account of reduced investment and operating costs.

In addition, NORDITEC can guarantee that the products and processes on each piece of equipment, procedures and systems are specially designed for each application.

The flotation facilities offer many solutions:

– Pre-treatment of waste water (TSS and FOG removal)
– Physico-chemical treatments
– Activated sludge clearance (Biodaf)
– Sludge thickeners Careful water treatment (TSS and algae removal)
– RO Pre-treatment of seawater (removal of algae)
– water treatment (oil extraction)
– Paper and paper

Flotation consists of attaching air bubbles to suspended material, which results in a net reduction of specific gravity. The micron-sized bubbles are produced by dissolving air into the wastewater at elevated pressures followed by its subsequent release to atmospheric pressure. When the pressure is reduced to atmospheric conditions, the dissolved air, which is present in excess of saturation, is released as extremely fine bubbles that adhere to the suspended solids.

The solids, greases and flocs float to the top of the dissolved air flotation cell and are removed by a skimmer or scraper device. To effect flotation, a recirculation pressure system is used. Part of the treated effluent is drawn off, into which air is dissolved at elevated pressure and mixed downstream of the pressure release device.

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